How to move the widget from one page to another

It is preferable to add your widget to the page where you want it to be most visible to your customers. You can add multiple widgets to multiple pages. They will all subscribe to the same email list.

However, in some cases you may want to move a widget to another page. You will have to delete it from the page, and manually add it to another. (‘Drag-and-drop’ feature in between pages is not available).

All the business data entered initially and data of subscribers will automatically be associated with the new widget.

When the widget is added to another page, it will then be displayed according to its default design and will need to be re-customized to your preferred style.

For the updated widget to be visible on mobile devices, its visibility setting will need to be changed in the mobile editor.

Click here to know how to make widget visible on mobile devices

Remember to ‘Publish’ the site after deleting and adding a new widget.