How Birthday Reward Works

You create your birthday reward in the settings panel. Simply overwrite any text in the 'Birthday Reward' field and it will be saved automatically.

If you are a brick and mortar store, you don't need to enter promo code. We generate a unique promo code for every reward email that we send. This is used to track redemptions.

If you are an online store, enter your promo code and remember to enter the same code in your shopping engine. 

Rewards are automatically sent out as follows:

  • if your customer signed up today and their birthday is within the next 7 days, reward is sent to them within 10  minutes after they signup and verify their email.
  • if their birthday is more than 7 days later, they will be sent the reward 7 days before their birthday

Currently, all birthday rewards expire in 7 days after the birthday

Please note that customers can't always visit you on their exact birth date so we allow them to use their coupon a week before and a week after.

In future, every business will be able to select the expiry period of birthday rewards.

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