How Monthly Rewards Work

Automated monthly rewards let you maintain relationship with your customers by sending them an exclusive reward each month to thank them for their loyalty. And they're sent out automatically every year!

Monthly rewards should be related to an occasion during the month such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and other holidays or special events. A reward for month of February may be some thing like this: "Enjoy Valentine's Day with us and get a FREE Dessert with dinner!". 

You can customize the reward for each month according to the date of the event in your country.

Monthly rewards are sent automatically once a month to all customers who have signed up till the time the  rewards are sent. To avoid sending too many emails to customers, monthly rewards are not sent to a customer who has already received Signup or Birthday reward in the month.

You create your reward for a month and set a specific date when it will be sent. This date should not be after 20th of the month. 

Adding a monthly reward

  • This is the “Months” column where months are listed as numbers in chronological order (i.e. ‘1’ means January, ‘2’ as February, all the way to ‘12’ as December). Months 1 through 12 correspond to January through December.

Monthly Rewards

  • The "Send" column indicates the date on which the reward is sent in that month.

Images used

If you didn't opt to use custom images, the Monthly Rewards Email contains the banner image and logo of Riiwards Birthday Club by default.

If you have opted for custom images then your logo and " Brand" image will be used.

Note that you can upload 2 custom banner images, " Birthday" banner for birthday emails only and "Brand" banner for other emails including monthly emails. This is because the birthday banner may not be appropriate for a monthly occasion such as Valentine's Day.

Click here to learn more about using custom images.

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