What Rewards to offer

In addition to the birthday reward, you can (optionally) offer signup and monthly rewards. 

A signup reward is an instant reward to thank your customer for joining your birthday club. 

Monthly rewards automate customer engagement and help maintain customer relationship.

Rewards may be a cash discount e.g. "50% off for your birthday!" or a product e.g. "FREE dessert with dinner!" or a dollar discount e.g. "$10 cash back for purchase of $50 or more!". We recommend offering rewards only to customers who will spend some money, avoid offering products that are totally free, e.g. "FREE dessert!".

Customers like to know exactly what they're getting so please don't offer vague or ambiguous rewards such as 'great rewards await you!'.

Offer an attractive birthday reward knowing that customers generally spend more on their birthdays.

Monthly rewards don't have to be as attractive as the birthday reward.

You can change your rewards any time. Some businesses offer more attractive rewards at the beginning when they start building customer list and taper off to more reasonable rewards as they signup a  large number of customers.

Remember to enter a  promo code for rewards that will be redeemed online. The same promo code should be entered in your shopping cart.

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